New COVID-19 Lockdowns in China Further Impact iPhone and iPad Production

Kenshun Lockdown

With the Chinese city of Kunshan experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19, recent lockdowns are potentially impacting productions of Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

In a report from the South China Morning Post, Kunshan authorities have ordered over 2.1 million residents to stay at home and undergo daily testing. This is the result of neighboring city Shanghai seeing a record number of COVID-19 cases for the seventh day in a row.

Kunshan COVID-19 Lockdowns Lockdown Parts

The city of Kunshan is a key piece of Apple’s supply chain. Despite this, they have received orders to halt production on services and goods. The city is home to several of Apple’s largest supply chain partners. This includes Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron and Luxshare Precision. Key components, such as circuit boards and machine parts have production facilities in the city.

Reports are indicating that authorities have ordered both Wistron and Pegatron to suspend production of devices for consumer electronics manufacturers. Though the company was not mentioned directly, the probability that these lockdowns impact Apple production is high. Many of Apple’s supply chain dealers have roots in the city of Kunshan. Until the pandemic is under control, lockdowns will continue to affect the tech giant.

Current factory suspensions have been in effect since April 2, and are set to last until April 12. However, if the situation concerning COVID-19 in Shanghai continues to worsen, lockdowns may be elongated.

Production Problems Continue

In addition to a host of other problems, factory shutdowns in Kunshan will no doubt serve as a significant factor in the global supply chain. Currently, said supply chain is experiencing pandemic and global related events. In March, pandemic related shutdowns in Shenzhen affected the shipment of Apple’s Mac Studio, as well as other products.

Kunshan residents received instructions to stay home. Currently, only one individual per household has permission to leave their homes to buy essentials and supplies every two days. On Friday, the city confirmed 25 cases of the Omicron variant.

As lockdowns and other production problems continue to plague the tech giant, those that are awaiting the latest tech may have to wait longer.

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