New Rumors Circulate about iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Thanks to Leak

iPhone LTPO rumor

A new leak has revealed several key details about the new iPhone 14. In the past, Apple has kept the the same processor across the same iteration of the iPhone. For example, the entire iPhone 12 lineup uses the A14 Bionic chip. However, this may change. Reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently stated that the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will get a new processor. The rest of the new series will sport last year’s A15.

The Right Type of Leaks

Kuo has proven himself in the rumor circuit. However, a new and upcoming leaker may be making a name for himself as well. Going by the handle @Shadow_Leak, it is a bit early to take his word as gospel. However, he has recently posted on Twitter some bold claims about the new iPhone.

In a recent post on Twitter, Shadow_Leak states that the iPhone 14 will come in four models: standard, Pro, Max, and Pro Max. Each will sport 6GB of RAM, but it is the processor and potential LTPO screens that are the potential show stopper.

According to the leak, the regular iPhone 14 will sport a 6.06″ flexible OLED screen and house the A15 Bionic processor. The Max will be 6.68″ OLED and also carry the A15. What gets interesting is that iPhone 14 Pro may have a 6.06″ flexible OLED LTPO screen and a new A16 processor. The Pro Max will have a 6.68″ flexible OLED LTPO with the A16.

While Shadow_Leak may need to still prove himself as a true leaker, what he’s saying does line up with Kuo’s predictions.

iPhone 14 Getting LTPO Screens

It is the major difference in screens that makes Shadow_Leak’s predictions truly spicy. LTPO stands for low-temperature polycrystalline oxide. When it comes to your screen, the refresh rate helps create a smoother experience. However, a higher refresh rate means more power consumptions from the battery. This type of screen differs from your typical OLED, in that it can provide a much higher refresh rate without draining the battery.

The standard iPhone 14 and Max would thus have a typical 60Hz refresh rate, whereas the Pro and Pro Max could go much higher.

It will be interesting to see if Shadow_Leak knocks it out of the park with his predictions. As Apple consistently strives for a phone with a blazingly-fast and smooth interface, it would be a great to see how it would take advantage of LTPO technology.

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