In The Next iTunes Update, iTunes U Collections Will Move to Podcasts

Next month, Apple is migrating iTunes U Collections over to the Podcasts app on iOS and Apple TV. This means that you won’t be able to access it from your Mac or PC anymore. We’ll see this change in the next iTunes update, version 12.7. Since it will happen next month, it’s possible that Apple will address this in the iPhone event.

iTunes U collections page in iTunes

Migrating to Apple Podcasts

This move means that you won’t be able to download content from your Mac or PC anymore, although it sounds like you’ll still be able to access and browse through the collections.

You’ll still be able to access iTunes U public courses through the iTunes U app on iOS, but links to content from iTunes U collections will redirect to the Podcasts app. If you have a subscription to any iTunes U collection, it will automatically convert to a subscription in Podcasts.

Apple is warning people that since you won’t be able to download new content on your Mac or PC, you’ll want to download it before the move happens.

iTunes U collections letter to institutions.

Content Creators

If you are an iTunes U content creator, you won’t have to do much since Apple will be doing the transition. However, Apple recommends that institutions review current iTunes U Collections and remove outdated or unneeded content before the transition happens.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you convert your ePub files to PDFs. More details can be found on Apple’s Public Site Manager Help page.

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