Enjoy the New Pandora Home Screen Widget for iOS

Pandora Home Screen widget

Pandora’s latest app update this week has launched a brand new Home Screen widget for iOS | iPadOS 14.

App Store: Pandora – Music & Podcasts

Pandora Home Screen Widget

The new widget supports the three standard sizes that Apple created for apps to use – small, medium, and large.

To add Pandora’s home screen widget for iOS or iPadOS to your device:

  1. Download the latest version of Pandora’s app for iOS or iPadOS
  2. Long-press your home screen and hold until everything gets wiggly
  3. Tap on the “+” button
  4. Search for Pandora
  5. Select from 3 sizes of Pandora’s home screen widget
  6. Tap “Add Widget”

You can display as many as seven of your most recently-played songs, albums, stations, playlists, and podcasts right from their home screen.

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