2020 Apple Back to School Promotion Offers Free AirPods With Mac or iPad

2020 apple back to school header showing AirPods, mac, and iPad.

The 2020 Apple ‘Back to School’ promotion has been announced. Students can get a free pair of AirPods with the purchase of a Mac or iPad.

2020 Apple Back to School Promo

On the webpage, Apple highlights various tasks one can accomplish using AirPods + Mac, or AirPods + iPad. All-day battery life, hands-free dictation with Siri, collaborate with classmates using FaceTime, record a class and play it back inside AirPods, fact check with Siri, and stream over a million shows on Apple Podcasts.

2020 apple back to school promo iPad section.

Students can save up to US$200 on a Mac purchase or up to US$100 with an iPad purchase. You can get discounts on iPad accessories like the Apple Pencil (US$89), Smart Keyboard (US$149), and Smart Cover (US$49).

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