There are Three Different Versions of the 2021 5G iPad Pro

2021 iPad Pro

If you’re excited to order a new 5G iPad Pro on April 30, you should be aware that there are three different versions (via PCMag).

2021 5G iPad Pro

5G is a tad confusing, with “regular” 5G and millimeter-wave 5G, and also 5Ge that isn’t actually 5G. Now to top it off, which 5G iPad Pro should you get?

As PCMag notes, there are four different versions of mmWave 5G around the world. These new iPads only support the U.S. versions (n260/261, not n257/258). If you use one outside of the U.S., you’ll still get 5G in areas that support it, just not mmWave.

  • Models A2379 (12.9-inch) and A2301 (11-inch): These U.S. models support eSIM and nano-SIM, and they support mmWave 5G. This is the model you’ll want if you frequently travel between the U.S. and other countries.
  • Models A2461 (12.9-inch) and A2459 (11-inch): eSIM without mmWave: These models have an eSIM and nano-SIM but don’t support mmWave 5G. You’ll likely find these models sold outside of the U.S.
  • Models A2462 (12.9-inch) and A2460 (11-inch): These models have a nano-SIM port only without eSIM, and they don’t support mmWave 5G.

Apple has more information on its support page.

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