Aevena Aire Cancelled: No Flying Robot for You

Aevena Aire flying robot cancelled

If you were excited about the prospect of having your own personal robot flying around your house you’ll have to keep dreaming because the Aevena Aire Kickstarter project has officially shut down.

Aevena Aire flying robot cancelled
This isn’t Aevena’s Aire flying robot, but this one isn’t real, either

The Aire was essentially a drone with a bunch of cameras and sensors paired with Amazon Alexa support. The robot could fly around your house like a security sentry when you’re gone, and respond to your voice commands when you’re home.

Aevena didn’t shut down their Kickstarter because of a lack of interest. Instead, it was because of a lot of interest from bigger companies.

Company CEO Jeff Tseng said,

Since the launch of our campaign, we’ve received quite a bit of media coverage worldwide. As a result, we are now considering several unexpected business opportunities. Unfortunately, some of these opportunities do not involve launching the Aire product.

Everyone who backed the Kickstarter is getting their money back, which is a lot better than the company quietly packing up and disappearing with their investor’s money. Since the business prospects Aevena is looking at have them preemptively killing the Aire project, we can hope their prospective partner (or buyer) has something even cooler in store—or that someone else will jump on the opportunity.

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