Apple Card 0% Financing Expanded to More Products

Apple Card displayed on an iPhone.

The Apple Card 0% financing program has been expanded to include more products. Previously it was only available for iPhones.

Apple Card 0% Financing

The expansion means you can purchase AirPods Pro, Apple Pencil, iPads, and Macs with an Apple Card with 0% interest. The offer is different for each product. iPad Pros and Macs provide 0% interest in a 12-month period. Cheaper products like AirPods have the option for six months.

Apple Card 0% financing example when buying a Magic Keyboard.

Even Apple’s most expensive products like the Mac Pro with its Pro Display XDR are available for the program. Accessories are also included, such as the Magic Keyboard for iPads and the Apple Pencil.

Since this is a purchase of an Apple product via Apple Card, customers will also receive 3% cash back.

To get started with Apple Card Monthly Installments, select this option during checkout and complete the purchase. You’ll manage your monthly payments inside the Wallet app on iOS.

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