RIP: After 14 Years, Apple is Removing Dashboard in macOS Catalina

After 14 years Apple is removing Dashboard. macOS Catalina will no longer support it, and Apple recently removed Dashboard support from WebKit (via Mac Otakara).


First introduced with OS X Tiger in 2005, Dashboard gave users various widgets, like a clock/calendar, calculator, weather, and more. It’s been disabled by default since OS X Yosemite, which is why you’re forgiven if you’ve forgotten about Dashboard.Image of macOS dashboard


WebKit’s changelog mentions the removal.

Further Reading:

[Developers Wanted: Apple Announces Dashboard Widget Contest]

[macOS Sierra: How to Disable the Dashboard]

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W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

Meanwhile, aboard the Enterprise in pursuit of a megalomaniacal enhanced human:

Kirk: ‘Aren’t you supposed to be dead?’

Dashboard: ‘I’ve been dead before’.

Scotty: ‘Captain, you’d better get down here. It’s Dashboard’

Kirk: ‘Scotty, re-enable my widgets!’

Scotty: ‘I can’t, Captain; it’ll flood the RAM and hog the CPU!’

Dashboard: ‘I have been, and will always be your least used and least loved OS function.’

Lee Dronick

Hmmm, what about Stickies? I better move mine over to Notes.