Apple Music for Business Could Come to a Store Near You

Apple not only wants to provide music for consumers but also businesses in the form of muzak. So far businesses that play Apple Music in their stores include Levi Strauss & Co. and Harrods (via WSJ—hard paywall).

Apple Music for Business

Apple is partnering with PlayNetwork Inc., which specializes in providing music for commercial use. Apple is the one that will create and suggest playlists to use for businesses. A lot of music licensed for commercial use is more expensive so businesses can potentially save money by switching to Apple Music.

Apple Muzak Apple Music for business

But on opposite side, a report from Nielsen Music last year estimated that artists, labels, and music producers collectively lose US$2.65 billion per year when businesses switch to consumer music services. PlayNetwork says that Apple Music for Business is “priced competitively.” Although it didn’t give a specific price it notes that similar services are being offered around US$25-US$35 per month per store.

Apple Music for Business has been running for six months and so far has 25 accounts. Once these are fully implemented Apple could be servicing over 10,000 stores, including its own retail stores.

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Many music licensed for commercial use its more expensive and consumer products like Apple Music, so businesses can potentially save money by switching.

Bad grammar notwithstanding, how do commercial entities switch to consumer music products to save money? I would think that would be a violation anyway, if they did not have public play agreements. Or are they insinuating that Apple Music Business is really a consumer product? Or maybe I’m miss-reading the sentence?

Lee Dronick

PlayNetwork says that Apple Music for Business is “priced competitively.”

Any idea how much it costs? I am sure that it varies on the size of the business and such.

Lee Dronick

Thanks Andrew. That “sounds” cheaper than I thought that it would be.