Apple Launches Open Source Password Project

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Apple recently created an open source project to help developers of password managers collaborate with websites to create strong passwords for users.

Apple Password Project

Apple’s page on GitHub has details on the project. It lists three “quirks” that websites have when it comes to passwords. These include different password rules, like one website limiting you to 12 characters, or not letting you use special characters in a password. Here are the three, current quirks:

  • Password Rules: Rules to generate compatible passwords with websites’ particular requirements.
  • Websites with Shared Credential Backends: Groups of websites known to use the same credential backend, which can be use to enhance suggested credentials to sign into websites.
  • Change Password URLs: To drive adoption of strong passwords, it’s useful to be able to take users directly to websites’ change password pages.

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Developers can contribute to the Apple password project in different ways, like creating password rules, contributing a change password URL, and more.

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