Apple Releases macOS Mojave Public Beta 7

macOS Mojave public beta

Apple followed up macOS Mojave developer beta 8 with the matching macOS Mojave public beta 7 on Monday.

macOS Mojave public beta

macOS Mojave is the next major release of Apple’s Mac operating system and is set to ship this fall, most likely in September. The new macOS version includes Stacks Desktop file organization, Quick Actions in Finder windows, enhanced screenshot and recording with built-in markup and editing, system-wide Dark Mode, Continuity for grabbing photos you snap on your iPhone, and more.

Group FaceTime, however, is gone from macOS Mojave for now. Apple pulled the feature and says it’ll return in an update some time in late fall.

macOS Mojave public beta 7 is open to anyone who signs up at Apple’s public beta website. The beta program is free, and this fall’s official release will be free, too.

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