Apple Updates Clips App with Pixar Scene, New Stickers and Soundtracks, More

Scene with The Incredibles 2 in Clips 2.0.5

Apple updated the Clips app, adding new scenes, including a scene from The Incredibles 2, as shown in the GIF below. There are also five other scenes, new stickers, and soundtracks, too.

The Clips app is a simple video app aimed at the selfie/social media generation. The new features add to the app’s selfie-oriented features. The update is version 2.0.5, and it’s available in the App Store now.

Clips 2.0.5 The Incredibles 2 Secne
Clips 2.0.5 The Incredibles 2 Secne

“Selfie Scenes tap into the power of the Neural Engine on the A12 Bionic chip to deliver incredible portrait segmentation during preview and recording — so users blend seamlessly into a variety of landscapes,” Apple said in a press release for the update.

Patch Notes for Clips 2.0.5

  • Choose from 6 new Selfie Scenes that use the TrueDepth camera system to take you to an animal forest, monster laboratory, high above the clouds, and more
  • Transport yourself to downtown Municiberg in the middle of a thrilling Selfie Scene from Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2
  • Selfie Scenes use the Neural Engine on the A12 Bionic chip for high quality portrait segmentation during preview and recording
  • Use 3 new filters to make your video look like a monochromatic comic book, watercolor painting, or aged film
  • Create great-looking title cards with 8 new customizable posters with themes including science, sports, and silent movie
  • Choose from 8 expressive stickers and 4 colorful text labels to add emphasis and annotations to your video
  • Select from 17 new royalty-free soundtracks, including tracks to match new Selfie Scenes plus fun pop, lounge, and vintage-inspired music that automatically adjusts to the length of your video

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