Apple Updates Shortcuts App: New Actions for Weather, Alarms, Measurements, Photos, More

Apple updated the Shortcuts app in iOS to version 2.1. This update adds several actions covering weather, alarms, measurements, photos, as well as better HomePod functionality.

Shortcuts is the renamed app that used to be known as Workflow. Shortcuts allows users to put together actions that can then be commanded by Siri.

Shortcuts app logo
The Shortcuts App

Apple’s Release Notes for Shortcuts 2.1

  • Use the latest weather in your shortcuts with the new Get Current Weather and Get Weather Forecast actions
  • Set alarms and timers with the new Create Alarm, Toggle Alarm, and Start Timer actions
  • Convert between a variety of units with the new Measurement and Convert Measurement actions
  • Get the most recent set of imported photos from the Photos app using the Get Last Import action
  • When running a shortcut from HomePod using Siri, media will now automatically play back from HomePod using AirPlay
  • Bug fixes

The update is a 139.2MB download on iPhone XS.

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