Apple Releases App Tracking Transparency Requirement Update

iOS 14 app tracking toggle

Apple has given developers an update for App Tracking Transparency (ATT) requirements.

App Tracking Transparency Update

ATT was a feature added to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14. It requires developers to ask permission when their apps wants to track users for advertising purposes. Apple delayed the rollout until Spring 2021 to give developers enough time to implement the feature.

In Thursday’s update Apple says it will enhance SKAdNetwork and add Private click Measurement support for apps.

In an upcoming release of iOS and iPadOS, we will enhance SKAdNetwork and add Private Click Measurement support for apps, allowing advertising networks to better attribute advertisements that display within apps on these platforms.

Private Click Measurement enables the measurement of ad campaigns that direct users to websites while preserving user privacy.

Apple says additional detail are coming soon.

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