iOS 15.4 Developer Beta 4 Adds New Siri Voice

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Apple has released iOS 15.4 developer beta four to test. One of the major features is a new voice for Siri.

iOS 15.4 Developer Beta 4

This new voice is the fifth American option for Siri users, and you can find it through Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice. According to Steve Moser (via MacRumors) the filename for the voice is “Quinn.” Jeff Butts of The Mac Observer says the voice sounds to him like “a slightly older woman.

I think it has hints of Voice 2 and Voice 3, maybe an older female version of Voice 3. If you play Sims 4, I’d say this new voice is Warm, whereas the original Siri voice might be under Clear.

The beta also includes Apple’s solutions to help stop AirTag stalking. These include measures such as new privacy warnings, updating support documentation, displaying alerts with sound, refining algorithms, and adjusting the alert sound for these trackers.

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