Apple Announces New iPad Pro With LiDAR and Magic Keyboard

Image of iPad Pro 2020 with Magic Keyboard

Apple announced the release of a new iPad Pro this morning, featuring an A12Z Bionic chip, an Ultra Wide camera, and a LiDAR scanner for sensing depth. Additionally, there’s a new keyboard with a trackpad and backlit keys.

iPad Pro 2020

  • The iPad Pro 11-inch starts at US$799 for the Wi-Fi model and US$949 for the Cellular model.
  • The iPad Pro 12.9-inch starts at US$999 for the Wi-Fi model and US$1,149 for the Cellular model.
  • The Magic Keyboard will be available for purchase in May for US$299 (iPad Pro 11) and US$349 (iPad Pro 12.9)

The new Magic Keyboard features an all-new floating design with angle adjustment, backlit keys, and a trackpad. It will be available for purchase in May. iPadOS 13.4, which will be released on March 24, adds trackpad support and Multi-Touch gestures on a trackpad.

Image of iPad Pro 2020 with Magic Keyboard

Meanwhile, the A12Z Bionic chip has an eight-core GPU, enhanced thermal architecture and tuned performance controllers. It has an eight-core CPU as well, with a Neural Engine for fast performance and machine learning.

The new cameras on these models have a 12MP Wide camera for photos and 4K video, with a 10MP Ultra Wide camera that can zoom out two times for a wider view. The LiDAR scanner can measure the distance to objects up to 5 meters away, with “nano-second” speeds. Developers can make use of the scanner with a new Scene Geometry API that Apple added to ARKit.

These new models also have five microphones that Apple claims are studio-quality. The four-speaker audio can automatically adjust with the way you position your iPad Pro.

Image of iPad Pro 2020 with Magic Keyboard

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6 thoughts on “Apple Announces New iPad Pro With LiDAR and Magic Keyboard

  • I want to know how the Magic Keyboard connects to the iPad. I suspect via USB-C because they made a big deal about it has a connector so you can charge your iPad while something else is connected to the port. This might suggest that even Apple is giving up on the Smart Connector.

    1. Hello @geoduck:

      It apparently attaches magnetically to the Smart Connector

      You’ll notice on the adverts (see Charlotte’s post in the new iPad Pro) that you can simply lift the iPad off of the keyboard backing.

      This allows you to both charge your iPad as well as connect multiple other devices, like peripheral hard drives and an external display, via a third party multi-port attached to the USB-C port (I use the Hyperdrive).

  • Andrew:

    This thing is a monster. However, my current 2018 11” iPad Pro, fully kitted, is still a beast to be reckoned with and gives me little reason to upgrade without my having to do some ‘splainin’ to my wife (although my son would happily inherit the beast). I’ll look for the reviews and comparisons. The camera is an improvement, but I don’t use my iPad Pro for photography as much as I thought, although when I’m in the field and need to document clinical findings, I do.

    As an avid iPad Pro user, and having bought and used four keyboards, (Apple Smart Keyboard, Brydge keyboard, Logitech Slim Folio, and the Zagg Folio), I find the backlit variant the most versatile, and primarily use the Logitech for its robust performance and protection. I suspected that Apple would provide a backlit keyboard with a trackpad, but it would be elegant and have a minimal footprint, and Apple did not disappoint. Yours truly did not see this solution coming.

    Can’t wait to get one.

    1. I have the same model, and although I didn’t see Apple mention this, others on Twitter are saying this new keyboard will be backwards compatible with the 2018 iPad Pros.

      1. When I went to the Apple Store and selected it, it showed that it is compatible with my current iPad Pro. I’m counting on it.

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