The iPhone 13 has Five Different 5G and LTE Configurations

iPhone 13 pro lineup

The iPhone 13 lineup has five different configuration setups for 5G and LTE. This is the widest array of frequencies of any iPhone thus far (via PCMag).

iPhone 13 5G & LTE

Until now, iPhones came in different configurations for the U.S., North America, Japan, China, and “rest of world.” But now there is a special iPhone 13 device for mainland China versus Hong Kong, as well as a Russian model for each of the new phones. Some models also have differences in the software, like China iPhones that hide the Taiwanese flag emoji.

The U.S. model will be the only iPhone 13 with millimeter-wave 5G. The models for U.S., Canada, and Mexico share the same frequency bands, but devices for other countries have different bands, like 11, 14, and 71. New bands include n48/CBRS.

“In the past, US iPhones have often omitted key frequencies needed in other countries. That isn’t the case anymore. US iPhones will work well everywhere, while it’s the foreign iPhones that won’t have full capabilities in the US.”

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