Apple Releases iTunes 12.8 with AirPlay 2 Support

iTunes 12.8 on the Mac with AirPlay 2 support

Along with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, Apple released iTunes 12.8 with AirPlay 2 support. The update gives iTunes the ability to see and play to paired HomePod speaker sets, as well as play to multiple AirPlay 2 speaker groups.

iTunes 12.8 on the Mac with AirPlay 2 support
iTunes 12.8 for the Mac gets AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 lets you stream music to multiple speakers throughout your house. Now that macOS and iTunes have AirPlay 2 support all of Apple’s product lines support the feature.

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iTunes 12.8 is a free update available through the App Store app on your Mac. Just go to Apple menu > App Store, then click the Updates tab.

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Tim Hampton

Ever since I “upgraded” to iTunes 12.8, I can’t sync my devices. My computer recognizes them as plugged in, but they don’t show up in iTunes at all. I don’t know why Apple keeps screwing up iTunes, and they haven’t given any indication of fixing this widespread issue


Every iTunes story should include “This version does not include the App store, because Apple killed that feature”