Logitech Crayon for iPad 6 Available Now

Logitech Crayon stylus for iPad

When Apple unveiled its education-focused 9.7-inch sixth generation iPad earlier this year the company also showed off the Logitech Crayon stylus. The Logitech Crayon is available now, but the only place to get it is through Apple’s education channel.

Logitech Crayon stylus for iPad
Logitech’s Crayon stylus

The Logitech Crayon uses Apple Pencil technology, but with a couple differences. First, it’s more rugged and flat so it won’t roll off desks. Second, it doesn’t support pressure sensitivity. Third, it has a proper Lightning charger port instead of the Apple Pencil’s plug-and-cap. And finally, it uses a different pairing system so it’s compatible only with the sixth generation (Spring 2018) 9.7-inch iPad.

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The Crayon is priced at US$49, which is much more affordable than $99 for Apple Pencil. It’s available only through Apple’s education channel, however, so only schools can buy it.

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