Netflix Finally Introduces Offline Viewing for iOS & Android

netflix offline iphone

Netflix has long offered a huge library of movies and TV shows, but there’s always been one small problem: you needed an active Internet connection on your iPhone or iPad to actually watch the stuff. Well, today that finally changes. Netflix now supports offline viewing via its iOS and Android apps.

To use the feature, you’ll need to grab the latest version of the Netflix app for iOS and be subscribed to any of the company’s streaming video plans. Once you’re updated and logged in, you’ll see a new “Download” button on select shows.

netflix offline iphone

You may have noticed the word “select” in the previous sentence, and that’s the unfortunate part of today’s announcement. Only certain TV shows and movies currently support offline viewing, although Netflix promises to make more content available over time.

The ability to download Netflix content for offline viewing makes the service much more attractive for users on the go. Not only will you be able to binge on the latest episodes of Orange is the New Black or Stranger Things while camping or flying, but those with mobile bandwidth caps can queue up their shows via Wi-Fi at home before heading out the door. It also counters recent offline viewing moves from competing video streaming services like Amazon.

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