New iOS 14.2 Public and Developer Betas Released

New iOS 14.2 beta 3 released

Shortly after yesterday’s “Hi, Speed” event, developers in the iOS beta program received a new update. Not long afterwards, participants running the iOS Public Beta got the same love. People in both programs should be able to update to iOS 14.2 beta 3 by now.

Revamped Lock Screen Controls in iOS 14.2

The most notable changes in the new iOS 14.2 beta are revamped controls for Apple Music and AirPlay 2 on the Lock Screen. In iOS 14.2, subtle changes make it easier to manage your entertainment without going all the way into Apple Music. There’s a larger scrubber knob for the playhead indicator, and Apple has also slightly enlarged the volume control knob.

New iOS 14.2 beta 3 released
The Now Playing widget on your Lock Screen is easier than ever to use in the new iOS 14.2 beta

Apple has also included a new AirPlay button design, with a popover control for AirPlay 2 destinations. Sending your audio and video to AirPlay 2-enabled speakers and televisions is easier than ever.

More Control Center Options

You’ll also find a redesigned now playing interface and AirPlay 2 controls in the Control Center. These are quite similar to the changes on the Lock Screen, but also include larger album artwork. If you aren’t playing any media, the new iOS 14.2 beta now gives you a list of suggestions, such as recently played music and podcasts.

One of the best new features, though, is on-demand Shazam music recognition. Users can quickly identify music playing in the background or on their device. Even if the music is coming through your headphones, Shazam music recognition can identify it for you.

Updating to the New iOS 14.2 Beta

If you’re already running the iOS 14.2 beta, whether developer or public, you can update straight from Software Update in Settings. Registered developers can get the beta from the developer portal. If you’d rather, Apple continues to allow registration in its public beta program.

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