Philips just added HomeKit support to its Hue dimmer switch, motion sensor, and tap with a software update to the Philips Hue iPhone app.

Philips Hue app adds HomeKit support for smart switches

Philips brings HomeKit support to its Hue smart switches

Version 2.16.0 of the Philips Hue app lets you include the Hue dimmer switch, motion sensor, and tap in HomeKit scenes and routines. The update also adds the ability to manage HomeKit routines created in other apps, schedule software updates, and restore the default behavior for Hue accessories.

It’s great to see Philips add more Hue accessories to HomeKit through a software update instead of making users buy new gear. When Hue introduced its HomeKit compatible hub the lights people already had were compatible with Apple’s smart home platform, and now Philips is finally adding more of its products.

The Hue app is a free download at Apple’s App Store.

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