macOS High Sierra Disk Utility: A Video Walkthrough

macOS High Sierra Disk Utility

In a previous article, I showed some of the limitations of macOS High Sierra Disk Utility. This was back when the new operating system version was still in beta. Now that the beta is over and we have the official release, we don’t have to use diskutil in Terminal to make changes to APFS containers and volumes. That is definitely a welcome change.

macOS High Sierra Disk Utility
macOS High Sierra Disk Utility is about as similar to the same tool under Sierra as these components are. So, let’s take a walk through Disk Utility.

Using macOS High Sierra Disk Utility

Let’s take a walkthrough, in video format, of Disk Utility under macOS High Sierra. I’ll show you a real “gotcha,” the fact that Disk Utility hides full volume trees by default. You’ll also learn how you can reformat an APFS container and volume to a macOS Extended partition.

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I read in Slashdot that Disk Utility no longer recognizes unformatted discs. True?