How Tuskegee Principal Tiffany Williams Uses Her iPad

Tuskegee Public School Principal Tiffany Williams

On Wednesday Apple shared the story of Tuskegee Public School Principal Tiffany Williams and how she uses an iPad in her work.

Principal Tiffany Williams

Every student at Tuskegee Public School received an iPad as a tool for the classroom and at home. This is part of Apple’s Community Education Initiative. Principal and 22-year US Army veteran Tiffany Williams wants to teach the city’s history to the students.

The school has a veterans project and students use iPads to record and share the stories of local veterans for Veterans Day. It’s an important project for the roughly 550 out of 8,200 residents of the city.

Growing up in that history and being able to see how Tuskegee has transitioned over the years, and the hands that helped Tuskegee become what it is today, … those stories are just so precious to me because they’re so deeply rooted in me. A lot of our children don’t have that history anymore.

Principal Williams also mentioned that when students are teachers are back in school when the threat of COVID-19 isn’t as high, she will implement “Wednesday STEM day” where all teachers and students will learn programming.

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