Maktar Releases Qubii Pro iPhone Backup and Memory Solution

Qubii Pro

Maktar gave us an update on their Qubii Pro product at the ShowStoppers TV event at CES 2021. Qubii Pro is an iPhone or Android device backup and memory solution, with the Pro version adding security features and greater control over your data through the Qubii app.

Before first using Qubii Pro, you’ll want to insert a microSD memory card (up to 2 TB) to store your data. You then plug the Qubii Pro into your existing iPhone charger, and then plug your existing USB-A charging cable into the Qubii Pro. Next, you’ll want to run the Qubii Pro app to tell it what data you’d like to back up. Backup content can include Photos, Contacts, Instagram, Facebook, iCloud and Music.

While backup can occur automatically, you can also use the Qubii Pro app to backup, restore, and browse your data. You can also protect your data with Face ID or Touch ID. And if you want to access your data from your computer, you can plug it in to your computer via the USB-A port.

Qubii Pro requires iOS 12 or above and supports USB 3.1. The Pro also supports the iOS Files app, so you can store documents from apps such as Microsoft Office.

Original Qubii is US$39.99 (Amazon link), Qubii Pro is US$54.99 (Amazon link). You can purchase via their store, but it looks like they’re sold out, so use the links to Amazon.

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