Safari 14 Adds Face ID, Touch ID to FIDO Logins

Touch ID fingerprint icon

A feature coming to Safari 14 later this year involves logging into websites with Face ID and Touch ID. Through the Web Authentication API, web admins can let people log in using Apple’s biometric authentication, helping to kill passwords.

Safari 14 Authentication

The Safari 14 beta notes, as well as this developer video, show how Apple is making use of its position in the FIDO Alliance.

Added a Web Authentication platform authenticator using Face ID or Touch ID, depending on which capability is present.

Touch ID fingerprint icon

As I understand it, a user will have to already be using a traditional username and password combination to log in. But after logging into a website with this capability, the user will be prompted to log in with Face ID / Touch ID next time. This not only gives users a level of convenience similar to Sign In with Apple, but once the traditional method is abandoned it will be harder for your account to be hacked if it’s no longer tied to the email/password combo.

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  • Does it fix the bug that lets websites know if you are using a “content blocker”? I understand the need for advertising to pay for a free website, and to that end I have The MacObserver whitelisted even if that damn Google footer irritates me.

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