PSA: Skype 7 Shuts Down November 1, Skype 8 Required Going Forward

Skype 8 group chat

Microsoft is shutting down the desktop version of Skype 7 starting on November 1st, 2018, which means you’ll have to upgrade to version 8, like it or not. The mobile version will stop working on November 15th.

Skype 8 group chat
Skype 8 is the only version of Skype you can use starting November 1st

The Skype 8 interface is getting mixed reactions. Personally, I like to call it “Kindergarten Skype.”

Regardless of how you feel about the redesigned interface, if you rely on Skype for online voice and video chats, you’ll have to install the new version soon. After Microsoft’s deadlines, Skye 7 will launch, but won’t let you participate in any chats.

Skype is a free download from Microsoft’s Skype website. It’s also available on Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad.

One thought on “PSA: Skype 7 Shuts Down November 1, Skype 8 Required Going Forward

  • Once Microsloth bought Skype they’ve pulled an Apple and made the software LESS functional removing features and adding stupid ones like emojis – who the f cares about emojis? Meanwhile you can no longer choose the destination of any downloads – now they default to stupid Downloads folder – a folder I NEVER use- I’ll do the choosing thank-you very much. Also, when sending files back n forth – Skype now takes AWAY the ability to download your friends attachment if it’s a .wav file but ALLOWS an .aiff file to be downloaded – considering .wav is a PC format that is hilarious !!! Just as the new iMovie and Garageband (and don’t even start with iTunes disaster) – the updates are a step backwards. 💾

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