This iPhone 13 Case Disproves an Apple Rumor

iPhone 13 totallee case

As it has for the past several years, the awesome folks at totallee have sent me case samples of the newest iPhone. For this year that means the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Case

Right off the bat I can definitively confirm that the iPhone 13 mini is not getting canceled, as some rumors suggested. This was popularized because apparently the iPhone 12 mini sales weren’t what Apple expected, or something like that.

The case shows there will be some minor changes though. For example, the openings for the mute switch and volume buttons are slightly misaligned on my iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro-sized case. The power button also appears to be a bit lower down. The flat-sided design has not changed, but Apple tweaked the iPhone 13 design just enough to force you to buy brand new cases again.

It could be that I put the wrong case on. Of course, the cases for the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max don’t fit at all. The case for the regular iPhone 13 (or was it the iPhone 13 Pro?) fits my iPhone 12 Pro, but again the openings are misaligned, and the camera slot on one of them is bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro. Either way, you won’t be able to reuse your iPhone 12 cases.

iPhone 13 case sides

full line of iPhone 13 cases from totallee


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