Review: Shargeek’s 35-Watt Retro Charger Brings Power and Fun Design


Today, we’re reviewing the Retro 35-watt GaN Charger from Shargeek, an absolutely adorable charger for any Apple fan.

Featuring USB-C charging as well as a max 35-watt output, the unique shape and design of this charger is sure to bring back a wave of nostalgia. However, can it be your daily charger? Let’s take a look.

Reviewing the Shargeek Retro 35-Watt GaN Charger

Shargeek knows charging. The founder of the company has an M.S. in Electronics and Computing from Cornell University, and the team is composed of “crazy digital geeks” that are constantly on the hunt to provide users with the fastest and most efficient charging.

Everything included in the box with the 35-Watt Retro GaN Charger from Shargeek.

When it comes to the Retro 35-watt GaN charger, this cute little device is more than just a design. While the retro-look of a classic Macintosh delivers a seemingly endless nostalgia-trip, the charger itself certainly is no slouch.

In addition to a cute and retro design, the front screen of the device is also capable of providing users information on the status of their device charging. Plugging the device in, users will initially see a white light on the face of the screen, indicating that the device isn’t currently charging anything.

Additionally, other lights mean different things, including:

  • Blue Light: The charger is delivering fast charging
  • Yellow Light: The device is delivering normal charging
  • Green Light: The device is featuring super charging
The Shargeek Retro Charger changes the color of its face to let users know how fast a device is charging. (Photo Credit: Shargeek.)

For those that like the nitty-gritty specs, the Retro 35-watt charger features:

  • A USB-C Port
  • Input Voltage 100-240 (AC)
  • Max output of 35-watts
  • Support Protocols: PD3.0/PPS/QC4+/Apple2.4/SCP/FCP/AFC/PE
  • A weight of 55g

More Power!

Users are also able to change the ‘face’ of the charger, in thanks to stickers that are included with the device. International users, or those that love to travel, should be aware that the Shargeek Retro 35-watt charger does not automatically include a Charger Country Adapter, though one is available for an additional price.

Using this charger over the last month, it’s hard not to fall in love with it, especially as an Apple fan. With the classic Macintosh look and a charismatic smile beaming at the user as soon they open the product, it’s hard not to immediately fall in love with the charger. But how well does it perform?


According to Shargeek’s website, the Retro Charger’s 35-watts is easily able to super charge an iPhone, but what about a MacBook? Using my 2018 MacBook Pro, I tried charging my device with the Retro, and for the most part, it did okay. While 35-watts isn’t able to fully compete with my official Apple 87-watt charger, the Retro was nonetheless capable of keeping my MacBook alive while I used it.

Of course, comparing an 87-watt charger alongside a 35-watt charger isn’t entirely fair, but the Shargeek charger’s ability to keep my MacBook alive was surprising nonetheless.

Final Thoughts

While the Retro is capable of keeping my MacBook alive while I work, it isn’t giving me the extra power that my 87-watt charger provides. While working with my laptop, my official Apple charger has the ability to give my battery a charge while I work. With the Shargeek Charger, my battery percentage hovers around the same area as when I originally went to charge the device. Your battery and MacBook is staying alive, but your battery simply isn’t getting enough juice to keep it going once you’re done charging. It’s great if you’re in a pinch, or keep your device connected to the charger more often than you should.

Overall, this charger is an excellent gift for any Apple fan in your life, or even makes a great stocking stuffer for those that like super-cute tech. It may also be a great gift for those that simply love to collect unique tech products.

The Retro Charger is available through the company’s official website, or you can find the product available on Amazon. While there may be times you need a beefier charger, the Retro charger is sure to make waves wherever it may go.

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