Rumors Circulate That Apple Watch Series 8 Will Have Body Temperature Measuring

Apple Watch Series 8

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculated that the soon to arrive Apple Watch Series 8 may be capable of measuring your body temperature. However, this is only if Apple is able to work out the problems that prevented the feature in the Series 7.

Apple Watch Facing Algorithm Issues Concerning Body Temperature

The ability to measure your body temperature was rumored to be a feature in the Apple Watch Series 7. However, Ming-Chi Kuo stated that this featured failed to be implemented due to an algorithm failing to qualify before entering the Engineering Verification Test (EVT) stage. If Apple is able to overcome this problem, Kuo stated that the Series 8 will more than like get body temperature measurements.

Kuo stated that the problem arises in precision. As the temperature of skin is dynamic, especially concerning outside environments, getting an accurate reading is not an easy task. Kuo further explained that in terms of hardware, a smartwatch is simply unable to support core temperature measurements. Thus, an “excellent” algorithm is necessary.

Apple isn’t alone in this challenge. Kuo further stated that Samsung is also having problems getting a body temperature scan to work properly. Kuo further theorizes that it is unlikely for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 to arrive with body temperature measuring due to algorithm limitations.

Apple will only add the feature to the Series 8 if the company feels truly confident in its algorithm. Anything less than 100% functionality will most likely not see the market.

Further Rumors

Should the new Apple Watch get the sensor, it would go against Mark Gurman’s predictions. Though stated in January, Gurman made predictions that the Apple Watch Series 8 will contain no new sensors. Additionally, Gurman also theorized that the Apple Watch won’t see glucose monitoring until the second half of the decade. On the other hand, blood pressure monitoring may be two to three years away.

Expectations are that the tech giant will launch a revamped Apple Watch SE later this year. Furthermore, a more rugged Apple Watch continues to have circulating rumors.

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