Famous Science YouTuber is Secretly Working for Apple

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Mark Rober, a science YouTuber who pulls science stunts, has apparently been secretly working for Apple. Specifically, a special projects group that developers VR for self-driving cars (via Variety).

[Apple Builds Secret Virtual Reality Team, But for What?]

Self-Driving VR

Last year in a Reddit AMA, Mr. Rober said that he was working at a “large tech company in the Bay area,” and added “I work on the team formulating products that haven’t been released.”

A science YouTuber is working for Apple. Image of a girl wearing a VR headset.

Recently revealed Apple patents describe VR systems that could be used by passengers in self-driving cars as an entertainment system. Although Apple has been publicly focusing and touting the benefits of augmented reality, its VR efforts have remained quiet. One of the patents says:t

Embodiments of the VR system may provide enhanced immersive virtual experiences to passengers in moving vehicles that are not achievable in conventional stationary VR systems. Integrating the VR system with a vehicle in motion provides opportunities for enhancing virtual experiences that are not available while sitting in a room using a stationary simulator or wearing a (VR headset). For example, accelerations and motions in a virtual experience can be matched to or enhanced by accelerations and motions of the vehicle, and thus do not have to be simulated using gravity vectors as in a stationary simulator.

[Tim Cook: Augmented Reality is Going to be Profound]

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I’m unfamiliar with any articles about the risks of autonomous vehicles and I’m sure these projects aren’t being reviewed by a National Safety Council. “Recently revealed Apple patents describe VR systems that could be used by passengers in self-driving cars as an entertainment system.” This was likely the intention of texting while in a vehicle, for the passengers only ;/ It’s interesting to see how much Americans want the auto to be a pseudo Living Room with plush seating and entertainment features just like the Living Room in the home. Why not just stay in your Living Room at home?… Read more »