A U.S. Senator Suggests Prison Time for Mark Zuckerberg

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In an interview, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) said that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should be imprisoned for lying about Facebook’s privacy scandals, and this isn’t the first time he has made this suggestion (via Willamette Week).

Imprison Mark Zuckerberg

Although Tim Gleason, a professor at the University of Oregon, said that the chances of this happening isn’t likely, Mr. Wyden insists that Mr. Zuckerberg should be held personally accountable.

Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly lied to the American people about privacy. I think he ought to be held personally accountable, which is everything from financial fines to — and let me underline this — the possibility of a prison term. Because he hurt a lot of people. And, by the way, there is a precedent for this: In financial services, if the CEO and the executives lie about the financials, they can be held personally accountable.

So far, the FTC has fined Facebook for US$5 billion for the Cambridge Analytica data breach in which Facebook shared data on 87 million of its users. The SEC also said Facebook will pay a US$100 million fine for misleading investors about the risks it faced from the misuse of user data.

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