Spotify Offering Three Months of Premium for Free, Matching Apple Music

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Spotify announced that it is offering the first three months of a Premium plan for free. The move brought it in-line with Apple Music’s offer.

Spotify Taking Apple Music Threat Seriously

Previously, users only received the first 30 days free. The new offer started for individual and students plans Thursday. Spotify said it will be rolled out across Duo Family plans in the coming months. It only made the deal available to users who had not already tried Premium. Furthermore, it did not make it available via Headspace, non-recurring products, and via most carrier billing.

Apple Music offered a 90-day free trial from the start. Globally, it still trails behind in terms of subscriber numbers. However, in April, Apple Music surpassed Spotify for paid subscribers in the U.S. Its latest move showed how seriously it is taking the growth of a rival service.

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