Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped Experience is Here, Features New Personality Test and More


Spotify has officially announced that its popular Wrapped experience is now available to all listeners.

The Wrapped experience provides users with information that tells a user their favorite genres, tracks, artists and more. Users are also able to access playlists based around their favorite songs from throughout the year.

Spotify Officially Announces its 2022 Wrapped Experience for Users

In a blog post, Spotify announced that the official 2022 Wrapped experience is finally here. Often providing users with a high amount of analytics concerning their favorite music, Wrapped is typically the most popular way for Spotify users to also share their listening experience with friends and family across social media.

Within the blog post, it stated,

2022 Wrapped is a celebration of the year gone by and an invitation to join in on the fun. It’s all about the two-way connections that bring millions of creators and fans together through audio every day. We know that no two listeners are alike, so 2022 Wrapped encourages you to gaze into your vibrant audio kaleidoscope and show it off to the world. Get an inside look into all things #SpotifyWrapped—from our annual top-lists to the musical genres and personality types that make up your experience.

The Spotify Wrapped experience can show users the different genres they explored, how their “moods” may have changed throughout the day in terms of music, the total number of minutes they listened to music, as well as their number one song and artist. The feature can be a nice way for a user to discover what they listen to the most.

Spotify Wrapped can offer insights into your listening experience.

Additionally, one of the new features that Spotify is introducing this year is the Listening Personality test. Spotify users are able to get a sense of their “listening personality”. On Spotify’s official page, examples include “The Adventurer”, which suggests that a user loves to explore the unknown when it comes to music. There’s also “The Early Adopter”, which suggests that a user is always looking for the next hot or trending song.

Users should be able to see their 2022 Wrapped experience by simply visiting the Spotify app. As spotted by 9to5Mac, listeners are able to view their Wrapped experience from the Home tab in Spotify.

You can also take a look at what artists and songs hit the top of Spotify’s charts this year. Artist Bad Bunny is doing considerably well for himself, as he not only topped Spotify’s top-global-artist list, but is also Apple Music’s Artist of the Year.

Of course, Apple Music has also recently updates its own Apple Music Replay 2022, and includes a host of notable new features.

What did you end up listening to the most in 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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