Terminal Tinkering: Say Hello to TMO’s New Podcast for Tech Enthusiasts

I absolutely love how brilliant and talented the TMO crew is, and it’s awesome that we have so many ways to share our knowledge with Apple fans and tech enthusiasts. That’s why I’m so excited our own Jeff Butts has a new podcast, called Terminal Tinkering, that caters to who wants to find new—and sometimes unconventional—ways to push the limits of their tech gear.

Terminal Tinkering is a 20-ish minute video podcast where Jeff dives into topics like turning an old Mac into a Linux workhorse, making your own Mac from off the shelf PC parts, and building your own smart home sensors with Arduino. Jeff has a passion that’s flat-out contagious that has me thinking of new ways to push the envelope in my own smart home setup.

You can watch each podcast episode on TMO’s site, and there’s an RSS feed you can add to your favorite viewing app. It’s also available on iTunes and Apple’s own Podcast app plays video, too.

I’m really excited to see what tech wizardry Jeff has in store. I bet you’ll enjoy watching Terminal Tinkering as much as I do, and to get you started, here’s this week’s episode where Jeff installs FreeBBSD on an old Power Mac G5.

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