Tim Cook to Antitrust Hearing: ‘Apple Does Not Have a Dominant Market Share’

U.S. Capitol Building

In prepared testimony ahead of Wednesday’s antitrust hearing, Tim Cook reminded Representatives that “Apple does not have a dominant market share in any market where we do business” in any product category. The firm’s CEO also emphasized Apple’s focus on privacy and security. “We build products that, from the ground up, help users protect their fundamental right to the privacy of their personal data” the statements goes on to say. He is set to join Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Apple a ‘Uniquely American Company’ Tim Cook Tells Antitrust Hearing

The statement begins with a tribute to the late Congressman John Lewis. Mr. Cook says that it was “one of the great honors of my life,” to host him. The antitrust hearing was delayed so as not to coincide with a memorial service for Rep. Lewis. Mr. Cook then goes on to describe Apple as “a uniquely American company whose success is only possible in this country.”

Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos.
Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos will both appear in front of lawmakers.

The Importance of Curation to the App Store

Elsewhere in the document, Mr. Cook comments that “curation has always been one of the App Store’s chief features and sources of value for our users,” comparing it to a “quality department store.” He writes that “from the beginning, the App Store was a revolutionary alternative.”

“For the vast major of apps on the App Store, developers keep 100% of the money they make,” Mr. Cook notes, trying to stave off criticism regard the slice Apple takes of sales. Furthermore, “the only apps that are subject to a commission are those where the developer acquires a customer on an Apple device and where the features or services would be experienced and consumed on an Apple device,” the statement continues. He also describes those commissions as “comparable to or lower” than those of many competitors and points out that “more than 1.9 million American jobs in all 50 states are attributable to the App Store ecosystem.”

The statements from Mr. Zuckerberg, Mr. Pichai,  and Mr. Bezos are also available. The hearing will begin at 12:00 PM E.T. on Wednesday.

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