Despite Privacy Stance, Tim Cook Defends Google on iOS

Despite Apple’s stance on privacy, Tim Cook defended Google on iOS during an interview with Axios that aired last night.

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Google on iOS

Ina Fried asked Mr. Cook why Apple takes Google’s money to be the default search engine when Google’s business explicitly relies on making money off of user data. Mr. Cook’s answer:

image of tim cook

Well, one, I think their search engine is the best, and that’s very important, but two, look at what we’ve done with the controls that we’ve built in. We have private web browsing. We have an intelligent tracker prevention.┬áSo what we’ve tried to do is come up with ways to help our users through the course of their day, and it is not a perfect thing, I’d be the very first person to say that. But it goes along way to helping.

He also said that he expects that privacy regulation in the United States is inevitable.

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