Trademark Filings Suggest Apple May Be Preparing to Announce Mixed Reality Headset

apple trademark filings for mixed reality headset

It appears Apple may be nearing readiness to announce its mixed reality headset. Apple has applied for several trademarks using the “Reality” label, apparently to be used for its rumored headset. Bloomberg reports that several trademark filings were made in several countries.

Trademark Filings in Various Countries Point to Apple’s AR/VR Headset

According to Bloomberg, trademark applications for the names “Reality One,” “Reality Pro” and Reality Processor, were filed in various countries. These include U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. The report points out that Apple itself didn’t file the applications but they follow a pattern that Apple has used previously. This includes relying on law firms that Apple has enlisted before to lock down brands.

The report also noted that Immersive Health Solutions LLC, a shell company believed to be owned by Apple, made the filings for the mentioned trademarks. This company was found to be registered by Corporation Trust Co., a firm used by many companies to maintain their secrecy and avoid being identified from trademark filings.

Apple’s Usual Ploy When Working on a New Product

Bloomberg noted yet another indicator that may trace the filings to Apple. This involved the use of major and boutique law firms in each country. Those firms have, in one way or another, been previously linked to Apple. Bloomberg gave Simpson Grierson as an example. The firm handled the “Reality” filings in New Zealand. However, it later revealed that the same firm handled the filing for the corporate name “Apple Sales New Zealand.”

Even without looking too deeply, the filings for “Reality One” and “Reality Pro” could pretty much be summed up as very Apple. We all know how Apple is fond of using such brands for its products. Hence, it would tell us that “Reality One” and “Reality Pro” are filings for the tech giant’s rumored headsets. Meanwhile, “Reality Processor” would point us to the chips to be used in Apple’s mixed reality headset.

Previous reports said that Apple plans to announce its own mixed reality headset sometime in 2023. Should the company wait that long, Apple could be competing against an already-established Meta Quest Pro, which is expected to be announced in October.

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