President Trump Says Tim Cook Made ‘Good Case’ Against Tariffs

U.S. President Donald Trump said Tim Cook made a “good case” against tariffs when the men met this weekend (via CNBC).  He said the Apple CEO offered “a very compelling argument.”

President Trump and Tim Cook Hold Dinner Meeting

It is understood Mr. Cook had dinner with President Trump Friday evening. The President tweeted that he was holding the meeting. He also praised the amount apple was spending in the U.S. Those comments followed Apple’s announcement that it’s U.S. jobs footprint had reached 2.4 million.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, President Trump said:

I thought he made a very compelling argument…It’s tough for Apple to pay tariffs if it’s competing with a very good company that’s not.

It appeared that Mr. Cook specifically raised the issue of Samsung. The South Korean firm would not be subject to tariffs.

The President’s comments followed his decision to delay the introduction of 10 percent tariffs on some products until December 15. Products helped by the delay included the iPhone and Mac laptops. However, products such as the Apple Watch and HomePod will have 10 percent tariffs applied from September 1.

3 thoughts on “President Trump Says Tim Cook Made ‘Good Case’ Against Tariffs

  • You’ve fallen into the Trump news cycle scam where on Monday he says something sort of credible but by Wednesday he’s foaming at the mouth.

    Trump has no economic plan except those of a grifter. Tim Apple is his latest Monday morning gristle.

    bother covering trump in any detail. There’s nothing there.

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