UK Only Behind the Mac Music Page Live

Apple Music Video

LONDON: Apple launched a UK only part of its website Friday. Called Behind the Music, the page highlights the Apple products’ long-standing connections with the music industry.

Apple Music Video

Making Music on a Mac

The page explained all the ways people can use a Mac and other Apple products to compose, record, and mix. A video showing creating using Apple products and shots of stars like Sir Paul McCartney, David Bowey, and Stormzy featured prominently.

The page proclaimed:

Mac is the instrument of choice for musicians everywhere. From your very first note to that breakthrough moment, Mac helps you develop as an artist and a performer.

The page sold hardware from Mac computers to iRig interfaces. It also promoted software like Logic Pro X, GarageBand, and MainStage and highlighted music-focussed Today at Apple sessions in the UK.

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