WaterField Designs Releases New Bag and Sleeve for 2021 MacBook Pro

waterfield designs bolt bag

Just in time for the new MacBook Pros, WaterField Designs has released a Bolt Sling bag along with a protective Neo Sleeve. Bolt Sling: Compact – US$219 | Full—US$229. Sleeve: US$39.

Bolt Sling Bag

The Bolt Sling organizes the 14-inch MacBook Pro and accessories into three distinct chambers, so all items are easy to access and weight remains balanced, while a unique strap system optimizes comfort and flexibility. Designed for comfort and convenience, an ingenious shoulder strap attaches up top to a D-ring, allowing it to pivot left or right in response to body movements.

The bag clips to the right or left side at the bottom for wearing over either shoulder comfortably. Both the strap and the rear of the bag are padded and lined with breathable mesh. A cam-lock buckle adjusts the strap length effortlessly with just one hand. Two large exterior quick-access compartments are pleated to hold a wide variety of items from small to bulky and are stacked to distribute contents and weight evenly.

Neo Sleeve

The Neo MacBook Pro Sleeve protects Apple’s laptops from dings and scratches with the same 4mm, high-tensile-strength neoprene used in scuba suits. It nicely keeps its shape when empty and each size stretches to fit the 13-inch MacBook Air, or the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro like a glove.

A cross-stitch along both sides expands and contracts with the neoprene as it stretches, and the top edge is sealed with nylon tape to protect the sleeve over the long term. Two handy pull tabs assist when removing or inserting a MacBook Pro from the snug sleeve, and a sumptuous leather patch along the bottom acts as a comfortable grip.

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