macOS Monterey Arrives to Customers on October 25

macOS monterey safari

Apple announced on Monday that the new MacBook Pros will be available to purchase on October 26. Customers can download macOS Monterey on October 25.

macOS Monterey Highlights

  • FaceTime – Keep FaceTime conversations going as you watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, or share your screen with SharePlay. Stream movies and TV shows while on a FaceTime call with friends. Get together and listen to an album with friends. The whole group can see what’s next and add songs to a shared queue.
  • iMessage – Now the links, images, and other content shared with you in Messages are featured in a new Shared with You section in the corresponding app. In Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Podcasts, and the Apple TV app, you can easily find shared content, see who recommended it, and reply right from the app you’re enjoying it from — without going back to Messages.
  • Safari – The compact tab bar option takes up less space on the page and takes on the color of the site you’re on, extending the web page to the edge of the window. Tabs have been combined with the Smart Search field, giving you access to powerful Safari features with the click of a tab.
  • Focus – Focus helps you stay in the moment when you need to concentrate or step away. Choose a Focus that only allows the notifications you want — you can get work done while you’re in the zone, or enjoy a distraction-free dinner. Pick from a list of suggested Focus options or create your own.
  • Universal Control – A single keyboard and mouse or trackpad now work seamlessly between your Mac and iPad — they’ll even connect to more than one Mac or iPad. Move your cursor from your Mac to your iPad, type on your Mac and watch the words show up on your iPad, or even drag and drop content from one Mac to another.
  • Shortcuts – Automate the things you do most often. Save time by turning something that would take multiple steps into just one, or connecting your go-to apps and services together with the Shortcuts editor. You can run them from your Dock, menu bar, the Finder, Spotlight, or even with Siri.

iCloud+ plans: 50GB with one HomeKit Secure Video camera (US$0.99/mo.), 200GB with up to five HomeKit Secure Video cameras (US$2.99/mo.), and 2TB with an unlimited number of HomeKit Secure Video cameras (US$9.99/mo.).

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