WWDC 2020: Apple to Confirm Macs Powered by ARM-Based Chips

Apple will announce Macs are shifting from Intel chips to its own, ARM-based, processors at WWDC 2020 later this month. While the timing of the announcement could change, Apple is aiming to give developers time to adjust prior to new Macs being launched in 2021 (via Bloomberg News).

Macs With Arm-Based Processors Set to Arrive Next Year

The new chips will be based on the A14 processors set to be used in the next generation of iPhones and iPads. The project that is working on the shift has reportedly been given the codename Kalamata. It is understood that that tests conducted by Apple have show ARM-based chips yield significant improvements over those from Intel. Improvements are said to be particularly noticeable in graphic performance and AI. The arm processors are also more power-efficient, so we could see thinner and lighter Macs.

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If confirmed the shift will be the first time in 36 years of the Mac that the devices will not include third-party manufactured processors. The digital-only WWDC 2020 starts on June 22.

One thought on “WWDC 2020: Apple to Confirm Macs Powered by ARM-Based Chips

  • Lack of Intel x86 inside Macs is a deal breaker for our University. Because we need true full compatibility with the rest (95%) of the world (Windows). And I do not mean boot camp alone, but also VMware Fusion, for instance. And last but not least, being critically essential in our workflow, true full compatibility with Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) to share documents and scientific meetings with colleagues, track changes while co-editing manuscripts for scientific publications, etc. If Apple does not release Intel x86 Macs, we will be forced to switch to Windows for sure at our Universisty. A shame for all. Did Apple remember and learn the lesson from the PowerPC (RISC as ARM) fiasco yeas ago?

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