WWDC 2020 Hopes: Services Bundle, Messages Fixed, Mac Mini Updated

Image of three memojis as part of the WWDC 2020 announcement.

This time next week will have had the WWDC 2020 keynote. All the speculation will be over – Arm-processor Macs? iOS 14? We’ll know a lot more about it all. There are a few things I hope we get confirmed next Monday.

Image of three memojis as part of the WWDC 2020 announcement.

Media/Services Bundle Unveiled at WWDC 2020

I’d love Apple to unveil a media and services bundle, or set of bundles. iCloud storage, Apple News+, Apple TV+ for $x a month, that kind of thing. Instead of having to pay for each service individually, I’d like Apple to bring them together as a package, or maybe offer a couple of variations. It could even offer three for the price of four, something like that.  Such a move would help with take-up and retention of subscriptions, and also make it easier for users to manage their subscriptions.

Messages Working Properly Cross-Platform

We can assume that we will hear about iOS 14 and, probably, the future of macOS at WWDC 2020. I hope one of the things Apple does with these platforms is to improve how Messages works across them. As I’ve written before, it currently is not good enough.

A Proper Update to The Mac Mini

Apple upgraded the standard storage capacity of the Mac mini in March, hidden at the bottom of the press release about the MacBook Air. However, the device is still essentially the same as the one from 2018. It is great but is probably overdue a serious makeover. Apple has touted the Mac mini’s use as a code compile server for Xcode, so WWDC 2020 would seem as good a time as any to unveil a revamped version.

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No only a Mac mini update, but an Apple Thunderbolt Display for it. And even better a more powerful Mac mini TOWER!