Pay Less for Your Next Apple Product

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Dr. Mac says that other than a handful of iPhones he ordered for delivery on the first day they were available (don’t judge him), he hasn’t paid retail for a Mac or iDevice in at least a decade. Wanna know his secret?

LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5: Shut Up and Take My Money

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is an incredibly cool car, which is why I’m inappropriately excited it’s now a LEGO kit. Just like the car Sean Connery drove as agent 007, it has retractable tire slashers, rear window bullet shield, headlight machine guns, hidden tracking computer, and ejection seat that really works. It has the frakking ejection seat! The 1,295 piece kit is available now to LEGO VIP members and the general public can buy it soon, too.

LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5: Shut Up and Take My Money

Apple releases macOS Movaje Public Beta 3

· Jeff Gamet · Product News

macOS Mojave beta

Apple released the third macOS Mojave public beta just a day after releasing the fourth developer beta.

How to Make Your iPhone Default to Speaker for Calls

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

iPhone X

If you use the speaker on your iPhone during calls more often than not, then set that as the default! We’ll tell you how to change this setting so you won’t have to tap the darned button every time.

$100 iTunes Card for $85 from Ebay

· Bryan Chaffin · Quick Tip

Digital iTunes Gift Card from Ebay

As deals on iTunes cards have become rarer, this is one of the best offers out there. [Update: Link to the deal added!]

Silicon Valley Socialists Want Workers to Have More Power

· Andrew Orr · Link

A group of Silicon valley socialists want to take power from billionaires and give it to workers and local communities. At a protest on July 9, about 40 people chanted things like “Caging children is a crime. Salesforce, f*ck your bottom line!”

That Monday, they were protesting a Salesforce contract to supply services to human resources operations at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the sister division within the Department of Homeland Security to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)–the unit infamous for detaining children of asylum seekers.

How to Predict When Apple Will Ship New Macs

· John Martellaro · Analysis

15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro with 32 GB RAM

It’s not an exact science by any means. But there are often subtle hints that Apple is ready to ship a new Mac. John has some tips.

Funny Cops Posting Online? Yabba Dabba Don't

· Andrew Orr · Link

Writing for Vice, Alex Norcia argues that cops shouldn’t be allowed to be funny online. Alex uses the example of an incident where a lost pug was found by local police, and they posted a “pugshot” onto social media.

Yes, everyone appreciates a solid laugh. And sarcasm, irony, and good cheer are generally great things. This is especially true of life online, which can be especially toxic. But the fuzz should not have this luxury. The fuzz should not be funny on social media, because the fuzz are not (and, again, should not be) funny people. Particularly in the face of Black Lives Matter and when the public’s distrust in the institution is so deservedly high. It is a serious job, and these are serious times.

I may be wrong but isn’t the word “fuzz” supposed to be derogatory? I’ll take humor over insults any day.

These Artificial Gills Could One Day Help Divers

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Jun Kamei, graduate of the Royal College of Art, designed artificial gills using 3D printing. They consist of a gill and a respiratory mask, and it lets people breathe underwater. Mr. Kamei has built a working prototype, and it successfully extracts oxygen from water, and releases carbon dioxide back out. Right now it doesn’t product enough oxygen for a human though. His idea was that artificial gills would be essential in the future when the ocean rises due to climate change.

By 2100, a temperature rise of 3.2 degrees celsius is predicted to happen, causing a sea-level rise affecting between 500 million and three billion people, and submerging the megacities situated in the coastal areas.

Apple Granted a Smart Clothing Patent Today

· Andrew Orr · News

Apple was granted 40 patents today, which cover stretchable displays, smart clothing, gaze controls, and a whole lot more.

Ginger Page Premium 1-Year Subscription: $29.99

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Ginger Page Premium

We have a deal on a 1 year subscription to Ginger Page Premium, a writing platform that aims to help you write better. Ginger Page can read your sentences back to you, has its own grammar checker, can help you explore different ways to phrase your text, and more. There’s an iOS app, and on the Mac it will work in Safari. A 1 year subscription is $29.99 through us, with longer subscriptions available on the deal page.