Apple’s Big Data Storage Deficit – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-14

Our iPhones, iPads, and Macs can store more and more, but Apple isn’t doing much to address our data storage and backup needs outside of those devices. John Martellaro and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to look at the issue and talk about what Apple could do to help ensure we have the storage and backup services we need.

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3 thoughts on “Apple’s Big Data Storage Deficit – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-14

  • Ya! what they said! Kelly, you know better! The only reason people need additional space on iCloud is photos and videos. Now I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be great if Apple gave you space equal to the total of the storage of all of your devices. That would be awesome!! But unnecessary.

    The problem comes in with people who use their phones as their photo libraries and, for the record, they are insane! Those people need to simply pay for the help they need and move their photos to iCloud Photos or Google Photos, or Amazon Photos or somewhere that they have access to all of them all the time.

  • Apple is not responsible for your data, you are. They provide the tools to do backups. For your Mac it is Time Machine and you provide an external drive. For your iPhone, iPad, iPod it is either your Mac or iCloud. Not sure why Apple has to do anymore here. These both do the job quite well.
    There are plenty of 3rd party tools that you could use as well.

  • I’m listening to this now, and wondering why on Earth you all think you back up your apps to your personal iCloud storage space? You don’t back those up, the App store knows what you have and when you restore, you re-download them.

    My phone’s “backup” is currently 1.5GB but that doesn’t include photos which I download and delete and I don’t have a lot of music actually on my phone (only bought music not available to stream). It also doesn’t count the data from my iCloud apps. That comes out to about 3GB total usage that is on their server. I have a 16GB – and it consistently has <1GB available.

    I think you are really over-worrying about this.

    I've restored several times (new phones) with no data loss whatsoever, so the backups, even

    I think you really overrate the space required because you don't need the space to back up your apps.

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