The Big TV App Rant – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-13

Apple released tvOS 10.1 and iOS 10.2 yesterday with the new TV app. Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to explain why the app is too hobbled in its current state, and discuss what needs to change before it’s truly useful.

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One thought on “The Big TV App Rant – TMO Daily Observations 2016-12-13

  • Haters gona hate!

    I’m about to earn my Apple fanboy card again here, so lets start with the acknowledgment that TV is far from perfect. But most of it is not Apple’s fault (although not giving access to other iTunes content is a bit unforgivable). That said, you guys are trying so hard to look for the miss you can’t see the homerun!

    Sure, Netflix is a miss and the HBO Go vs Now is going to piss off some people if it doesn’t get taken care of soon, but this still makes things much better. Last weekend I had to hunt through iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, HGTV, Discovery, History, Syfy, etc….. Today I have to Look at TV, and Netflix. Jeff you have to look at TV, Netflix, and HBO Go. How is this not a HUGE win! And I can tell you that Netflix will get fewer views from me until it shows up in this interface and if Plex adds support, I might finally move my iTunes library to a Plex server.

    It has been 2 days and things are better already. Imagine what things will be like in 2 months. Sorry boys but you were just plain wrong on this one!

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