Apple AirPods, Kickstarter, and Augmented Reality – ACM 389

Apple shipped AirPods. Sort of. Bryan and Jeff think it was a terrible idea to ship them before Christmas if Apple couldn’t meet demand, which is exactly what’s happening. They also weigh the merits of Kickstarter and discuss the state of augmented reality and its future.

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2 thoughts on “Apple AirPods, Kickstarter, and Augmented Reality – ACM 389

  • Apple often releases products where demand drastically outstrips availability. My recent Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus is just one recent example. Waiting a week for my AirPods aren’t that big a deal. And after 2-3 days having to wait 6 weeks is no different than when the Apple Watch came out. All that matters long term relate to how good they are.

  • AR has been used for quite a while wrt language translators. I had a Spanish guest a few years ago with an app that would translate text (books, signs, menus) on the fly with AR technology. I don’t remember what it was. It blew my mind!

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