Augmented Reality, Practical Robots, and Modern Cabling, with John Kheit – ACM 505

Bryan Chaffin and John Kheit don their futurist caps and look for the killer app in Augmented Reality. Spoiler: they have different ideas on what form it might take. They also explore the near-term future of practical robots, starting with today’s vacuumbots. They cap the show looking at the slow pace of progress when it comes to modern cabling. Let’s get that Cat 8 and 40 GB/s throughput!

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4 thoughts on “Augmented Reality, Practical Robots, and Modern Cabling, with John Kheit – ACM 505

  • Thanks for the feedback John. Autonomous vehicles would be great especially for people with failing site and the senior class in general. Will younger people abuse the concept and ride under the influence of whatever? These are all unintended issues that will need to be addressed.

    In addition with job displacement will we as a society need to offer everyone over 18 a bi-weekly stipend in order to servive? Will the robots at some point in time actually maintain them selves and create a elete robot class over humans. Again, unintended consequences.

    Here’s another opinion on autonomous vehicles from

  • Hey Joe. I appreciate the view. I was also hedging on the time table for true autonomy. It “seems” to be close, but it’s seemed that way for quite a while now. So you may well be right on how long it takes to first, come out, and second on the adoption curve. Fair enough.

    Anyway, it’s still fun to look out to the future a bit and guess what’s coming.

    And thanks for your bubble bursting.

  • Bryan and John, think both of you are caught up in the tech bubble. I’m putting autonomous driving out a good 25 to 30 years vs. the 5 to 10 years that your describing. Remember the Apple Autonomous car for 2020? The autonomous trucks in 2025?

    In 15 the 20 years maybe sooner I’d like an autonomous car as I won’t be able to drive on my own any more but I doubt my state legislature or our wonderful representatives on the U.S. congress will allow this to happen.


    Ultimate reason is that everyone who is currently over 30 years old will have to be dead before autonomous driving is allowed to become the norm. This age thing is even more critical in the age bracket of people representing us in state houses as well as the U.S. congress, the people who make the laws.

    As of now it makes more sense to drive full EVs than ICE vehicles but yet EVs only comprise at best 3% of the total vehicles sold today regardless of the Tesla glitz that we read day after day. Plus you also have our current president and one political party that do not believe in electrification of vehicles and want to keep big oil money rolling in. The EV driving conversion is actually more doable than the autonomous driving conversion but yet in 2019 only 3% of the vehicles sold. How sad.

    A listener who’s job it is to try to break the wall of the tech bubble you’re both in!

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